Work with Monique


Executive Coaching

One-on-One Coaching Customized and confidential, your coaching sessions are designed with your end goal in mind.

  • Do you desire to strengthen your leadership performance in your current job?
  • Do you need a 90-day strategy to effectively transition into a new job?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your professional pursuits?

Coaching is designed to enhance your ability to learn, make desired changes, solve problems, and achieve the future you desire. Based in South Florida, I serve clients around the world by Skype or telephone during daytime or evening sessions.

My job as your coach is to stretch you beyond your boundaries to create a remarkable client experience through results-driven engagement. I will not tell you what to do or what you need to learn. It is my job to support you in strategizing solutions, choosing the right direction, building your personal skills, and raising your awareness. In the essence of our sessions, we concentrate on where you are today and how to get where you want to be tomorrow.

Career Development

Job Seeker Marketing Plan This service provides the job seeker with all of the valuable tools to market themselves and reduce the amount of time in the search process. This program is ideal for the individual who desires to incorporate sound structure, organization, and accountability into their job search

Service includes:

  • Complete individual marketing plan templates which will be provided
  • Learn secrets to pursuing the published and unpublished job market
  • Sample letters (including approach letter, networking letter, thank you letters)
  • Suggested questions to ask in an informational interview
  • Formal interview preparation and practice through role play
  • Insight on how to handling objections during the interview

Personal Discovery

The Personal Discovery process is designed to allow you to achieve a unique perspective on yourself that provides clarity for making future personal or professional decisions. You select the Life Facets that will provide you the most insight toward achieving the future you desire. This is your opportunity to bridge from what is to what can be. Select from the following self-awareness areas:
  • Your Life Purpose
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Values
  • Your Motivators
  • Your Happiness
  • Taming Your Inner-Voice of Doubt



I will work with you to customize a workshop to meet the needs of your team. Most recently, I have worked with teams to maximize the potential of individuals toward achieving workplace goals and objectives.

Along with a team of coaches, I will design a variety of workshops. Following is a list of suggested topic areas:

  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • 360 Leadership Assessment
  • DiSC, Emotional Intelligence
  • Work/Life Integration
  • Power of Persuasion


An internationally-recognized career and leadership coach and consultant, trainer and sought-after speaker, Monique Betty draws on her 18 years of experience as a corporate executive, along with her 10 years as an executive coach, supporting motivated professionals to build, develop and hone essential skills needed to improve their advancement in today's dynamic workplace

Monique has a solid reputation for engaging and motivating professionals with her positive and energetic personality. Dedicated to helping high-potential professionals work, lead and succeed, Monique is delighted to work with event organizations and planners to develop tailored programs that are relevant and meaningful to their specific audiences.

I speak on a variety of leadership based topics from leveraging your strengths, to embracing change, to leading with confidence. The goal is to customize a speaking engagement with your end goals in mind.


Utilizing the combination of my leadership expertise, coaching and training skills I have received exceptional marks as a facilitator. Let's explore how I may support your next leadership retreat or team meeting. First conducting a meeting with retreat or team meeting sponsors for goal clarification, I will design a robust agenda for effective communications, team building, and strategic direction for achieving your desired outcome likely to include one or more of the following areas:

  • Mission
  • Priorities, Goals, and Time
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Rollout/Implementation