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16 Jul 2018

5 Steps for Dealing with Criticism at Work

Work can already be extremely stressful, especially if you are a female trying to advance your career in a male-dominated workplace. When you receive criticism from your colleagues or a superior, this can really bring you down. Instead of letting criticisms steal…...

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07 Dec 2015

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback at Work

By: Executive Coach Monique Betty There are many ways you may go about achieving success in your career. Obviously, getting the right degree or receiving the appropriate form of training will help, as will being a hard worker and having a positive…...

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21 May 2015

Five Common Mistakes When Influencing Others

By: Executive Coach Monique Betty Part of being successful in the workplace is to influence others. You may be trying to sell something to customers, or you may be trying to sell an idea to your coworkers. In either situation, the way…...

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28 Apr 2015

Managing Your Emotions for Workplace Success

By: Monique Betty You may be one of those women who have always had the “smarts” to be successful in business. You know your way around a spreadsheet. You know how to do a cost-benefit analysis. You excel at analyzing the competition,…...

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18 Mar 2015

7 Ways to Earn Trust in the Workplace

Whether you are in a leadership position or trying to work well with a team, it is always important to have the trust of your colleagues. Especially if you are new to a business, how can you earn trust in the workplace?…...

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7 Guiding Principles to Achieve a Career Advantage

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