Webinar: Intro to Coaching

What You'll Discover During This Free Webinar

  • One professionals journey to earning a promotion to the executive level
  • The most critical step you must complete before you step into a relationship with a coach
  • An often misunderstood aspect of what coaching really is
  • The real-deal discussion on why all coaches are not created equal
  • My proven process that gets results and is effective in supporting clients to create the success shift they desire
Next webinar: Thursday, December 6, 12:00 p.m. ET

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Career Juice: A Facebook Group

Career Juice is a closed Facebook group for motivated professionals who aspire to build essential ingredients for advancement at work. This is a place for a healthy dose of inspiration alongside fresh-squeezed thoughts and ideas for achieving success on the job. Whether you have been climbing your ladder for an extended period, a recent college graduate, a career changer or someone who is returning to the workplace after an extended hiatus, this group is for you.

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