Four Tips for Creating Career-Advancing Relationships

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By: Monique Betty

There’s a lot that goes into achieving success with your career. Starting out, you usually need some kind of an education or training, and then it’s about learning the ropes, working hard, and building on your strengths. Don’t forget, though, about the importance of networking, because as you’ve probably heard a million times before, it’s not what you know, but whom you know. While this may not be true 100% of the time, having the right relationships can make a huge difference in advancing your career, so here’s how you make them.

Get on LinkedIn

It’s amazing how many people either aren’t on LinkedIn or don’t seem to appreciate its potential, yet, countless individuals spend hours a day on Facebook and Twitter doing very little of importance. To be fair, Twitter can be pretty powerful for you career, but LinkedIn was actually designed for this specific purpose. Connect with people in your company and they’ll have instant access to your resume, meaning you could get promoted without an interview simply because of that one move alone. LinkedIn also makes it easy to find professionals you’ve never met before and form a connection. Aside from building your network, you can foster the right kinds of relationships by publishing your own content or sharing articles, so start making it obvious why you’re an expert in your field and rewards will arrive.

Help Others

We’ve all been there: you get a phone call one day from someone who greets you like an old friend even though you can’t seem to place them and then, after some pleasantries, they ask you for a favor. Now it makes sense. Want help advancing your career? Then begin doing the same for others ASAP. Any time your company has an opening, for example, send that info to as many people as you can think of (as long as they at least qualify). Maybe everyone will tell you no, but they’ll still appreciate the camaraderie and feel a sense of reciprocity toward you.

Find Those Who Cover Your Weakness

In most companies, there are a number of different types of employees. For example, you may have marketers, salespeople and IT professionals. Right there, any individual working in one of those departments could find opportunities to learn from those in another. Just developing a relationship with them could pay off down the road. You may open your own marketing firm and need someone to help with sales. Now you’ll know someone who has experience and whose skill level you’re familiar with.

Invest in a Coach

Few relationships can help your career like hiring a coach. There are a number of professionals out there today who deal specifically with helping people find the right job, develop their skill set, move up in a company, and network. These people have been there before, they know what works and what doesn’t and they’ll give you the kick from behind you sometimes need to continue down the right path.
If you take your career seriously, then you need to think about the future. While there are several ways you could safeguard your current job, safeguarding your earning potential means investing in relationships like the way we described above.
Career and Executive Coach Monique Betty is a leading provider of leadership development and career advancement for high potential professionals in the workplace. Serving clients around the world, Monique primarily works virtually with motivated individuals who desire career advancement.


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