Five Common Mistakes When Influencing Others

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By: Executive Coach Monique Betty

Part of being successful in the workplace is to influence others. You may be trying to sell something to customers, or you may be trying to sell an idea to your coworkers. In either situation, the way you influence others will shape your effectiveness as a leader. That means you need to avoid common mistakes that are made. Here are five of those mistakes so that you can ensure you avoid them in your own workplace.

Argue Instead of Talk

This is a common mistake people make because they are so busy trying to exert their will on someone that they become angry or they start alienating people because of their argumentative nature. When you are trying to influence people, your emotions must stay out of it.

Don’t Believe in Yourself

If you have no confidence and you are trying to influence others to your idea, thought, or project, they will not be very willing to listen to you. No matter what you say, your lack of confidence will show through.

Only See Things from Your Perspective

If you aren’t willing to step into the other person’s shoes, you will not understand what they need to know or hear. Instead, you will be focusing solely on what you want or need. That’s not a good way to influence anyone. (Tardancio, 2011)

Lie and Lie Some More

If you really want to turn people away, then lie to them. If you are selling something to someone and you actually want to influence them, then you have to tell the truth. Otherwise, they will catch on to your lie and never trust you again.

Be Afraid of Rejection

When you live in that type of fear, you will find it very difficult to be any type of influence on anyone in the workplace. If you want to be an influence, then this means being confident and not being afraid of rejection. Yes, you will be rejected from time to time, but you cannot fear that. It is a normal part of life.

If you avoid these mistakes, you improve the likelihood that you will effectively influence people in the workplace. To sell what you want others to buy, whether they are customers or coworkers, you must be confident, without fear, and honest. Seeing other people’s perspectives is a skill that often takes time to develop. However, it will result in your increased ability to get people to listen to you so that you can make a big difference in the workplace as you desire.
Monique Betty is a Career Strategist and Leadership Coach and it is her mission to support experienced professionals in achieving valuable contributions in the workplace and be fully engaged to achieve extraordinary results.

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