Select the right Coach

Coaching is a booming industry with a wide range of service providers to choose from. You want a coach who understands how to support you in clarifying and prioritizing your goals, and has the demonstrated ability to work with you through the cycle of your pursuits. An effective coach serves as a true partner in a thought-provoking creative process to maximize your potential; personally and/or professionally. You want a coach who is certified in the profession and understands your needs and strives to be your trusted partner.

Understand Your ROI (Return on Investment)

How you define your ROI is an important aspect of the coaching experience. As a certified executive coach, Coach Monique's approach begins with your endpoint in mind. Defining what success looks like for you is the beginning of the process. From the engaging interaction of solution-focused questions, insights will emerge as you deploy, and possibly co-create the tools and resources you want to implement your strategy. With refinement and evaluation you establish a continuous process of growth to maximizing your potential as you pursue your goals.

Achieve Awareness

We optimize the scope of the coaching relationship with a clear understanding of what you 'think' to be true and what you 'know' to be true. Whether through insights from assessments, or perspective attained through solution-focused questions your self-awareness is a key factor in designing and deploying a strategy that will best serve you. Full awareness of all aspects of your life (i.e. health, relationship, financial, lifestyle, etc) will surface the reality of your competing priorities and their relative impact on your pursuit of your goals.


Emerging from the awareness insights comes the phase where I support you and/or your team in transformational awareness by identifying strategic options going forward. It is up to you as my client to determine the path(s) forward and the order of priority. I am there to support your considerations by possibly identifying 'blindspots' for you and engaging in conversation that strengthens your focus and motivation toward accomplishing your desired goal. "Self-Awareness Shifting Forward"

Plan, Implement and Measure

Emerging from the strategic direction is the identification of SMART (specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and timebound) goals. With further consideration, the client explores the resources they have and those that you want. In many instances, I co-create with you the development of tools to support your forward progress. And, a critical step in the process is the planning related to possible obstacles hindering your success.

Evaluate and Refine

Monitoring your progress, navigating beyond barriers, celebrating your success and refining for continued progress is paramount. At the initial 3 month mark of a typical one-on-one coaching relationship, you decide if you want to maintain the meeting frequency (often 2 sessions per month) or if you prefer to shift to meeting more or less often, or bring the relationship to a close as you are feeling good about your progress and have an effective plan in place to continue your forward momentum.