5 Rules Women Must Follow to Get Ahead at Work

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By: Monique Betty, Career and Executive Coach

There is absolutely no reason why women cannot achieve their career goals, but it is understandable to find the process daunting and challenging, especially if you work in a male-dominated field. As you climb the ladder at any company, unfortunately, you will typically see fewer and fewer women.

Here are a few rules that must be followed for women to see the results that they want and advance in their careers.

1. Set Goals and Milestones – Then Exceed Them

Do not have any self-imposed glass ceilings blocking you from getting ahead within your career. Once you have a position that you are happy with, start looking at new goals that you can achieve.

Create smaller milestones that will allow you to see change and results soon, and this will inspire you to reach for bigger and better rewards.

2. Learn How to Delegate Tasks

Just because you have made it to a leadership position does not mean that you have to take on every responsibility; this is actually your opportunity to lighten your load and focus on the tasks that you feel would give you the best results.

The experts at Forbes recommend that you make a list of all of the tasks that you do not like to do or areas in which you do not have the strongest skillset. You can then delegate these tasks to other people and work to your strengths instead. By doing this, you may not only see success in your own career, but you can also strengthen the entire organization.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Self-Promote

Women in the workforce often do not give themselves enough credit. They are generally much less likely to have the confidence to self-promote. Do not be afraid to advertise your achievements or nominate yourself for future projects and roles.

The only way you are going to achieve your goals is if you take initiative and make sure your name and reputation are recognized in your field and your organization. If you let your strengths go unnoticed and underappreciated, it is going to be much harder, to impossible, for you to reach an executive position.

4. Enter a Reciprocal Mentor Relationship

As explained by The Way Women Work, working women can benefit greatly from strong support systems. This includes building mentor relationships with other like-minded women. Instead of feeling feel competitive with one another, partner with another woman who you find inspiring. You can learn from one another’s experiences and empower each other as you each face challenges.

5. Do Not Fear Failure

You will never get ahead at work if you never take any risks. Do not avoid new experiences or challenges, especially those that you feel will highlight your strengths. Even if there is a chance that your ideas may not work, always stay positive and exude confidence, even when things do not go exactly as planned. If you stay true to your goals, and stay focused, you will eventually see results.

Career and Executive Coach Monique Betty is a leading provider of leadership development and career advancement for high-performing professionals in the workplace. Serving clients around the world, Monique primarily works virtually with individuals and work groups who desire to take their professional skills to the next level.



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